Grade 10 Applied Science
Course Work

My Self

In this ‘My Self’ Unit, you will begin to explore and develop opinions about the overall theme of this course: how does science play a significant role in our lives?

First, you will learn about various human organ systems, organs and tissues. Then, you will investigate some of the chemistry involved throughout organ systems such as acid/base reactions and cellular respiration. You will also learn about specialized cells and why the cell cycle and Mitosis need to occur.

My Home

In this Unit, you will look at scientific advancements in your home and start forming opinions about how they have changed your life.

You will explore the importance of household and workplace chemical safety, as well as chemical and physical changes and the types of chemical reactions that can occur while you clean and cook.

You will also investigate household contributors to climate change (such as different types of light emissions) and ways to reduce your carbon footprint. You will learn about the Law of Reflection as well as additive and subtractive colour theory.

My Community

In this ‘My Community’ Unit, you will survey different locations within your local community and consider both the science involved at each one and its significance in your own life. 

A large portion of this unit is dedicated to investigating climate change: from evaluating your personal transportation choices and how they contribute to carbon emissions, to the pros and cons of artificial and non-artificial sport surfaces in terms of heat/carbon sinks, to evaluating how livestock farming contributes to greenhouse gas production.

At the final “stop” in your community (an amusement park), you will investigate how light behaves and reflects in different types of mirrors (e.g., plane, convex or concave), as well as how it refracts through various media.

My Future

In the final unit before the course Culminating Activity, you will investigate how scientific advancements might change your life in the future.

First, you will explore and evaluate some current medical imaging technology and how it might be improved for future generations. You will also investigate the ways in which a healthy lifestyle could help you maintain your good health in the future. Potential effects of climate change and technology are considered along with possible future careers.