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SBI3C – Grade 11 College Biology

Genetic Disorders

GATTACA Watch the first 20 minutes and ponder this… What do you think of Vincent’s life so far?  How would it feel to be Vincent? Thinking about yourself… what issues could you see arising for you if you lived in this society?  Do you have family histories of diseases...

Mitosis and Meiosis

  Videos from the slide deck... https://youtu.be/ZX2jG4jIczE https://youtu.be/op7Z1Px8oO4 https://youtu.be/lH9loPdk_nQ Resources... Complete the karyotyping matching for one of the normal sets and then one of the genetically abnormal sets. You need to identify...

Circulatory and Respiration Systems

  Videos from the slide deck... https://youtu.be/9fxm85Fy4sQ

Excretory System

  Videos from the slide deck... https://youtu.be/l128tW1H5a8 https://youtu.be/DlqyyyvTI3k Task... Please watch and take notes on the two Urninary System videos from Crash Course.  It will suppliment your understanding.

Digestion System

  Videos from the slide deck... https://dai.ly/x6tx7y5 Task... Digestive Disorder Complete the following assignment and submit your work to the Teams submission box. There are many disorders that can affect the digestive system. Below is a partial list of some of...

SNC2P – Grade 10 Science

F.A.C.T Drug Study

FACT Drug Study Booklet Premise: You have been hired by the Find A Chemical Today company.  F.A.C.T is a company who prides itself on publishing information on chemicals and having the most up to date information in the industry.  F.A.C.T has just become aware that...

Additive and Subtractive Theory

Subtractive Colour Theory  Please complete the worksheet given in class.  This will allow you to get some definitions down, colour in some diagrams so you can 'see' how subtractive theory works and try out your skills.  Please complete the questions at the end of the...

Review of Chemistry Concepts

  Review Resources... Balancing and Naming review Download and give it a go using the help sheet above!! (oooo and your Periodic Table and Polyatomic Ions

Mitosis and Cancer

Mitosis by Cornell Note Please watch the how to make Cornell Notes.  These types of noting techniques can be valueable to try and see if they work to streamline your note taking ability.  Try it on the Mitosis video!  Remember to pause the video often and at times...

Your Cells

The Cell and Its Organelles Part One Go to the website 'Cells Alive' and work through the cell animation.  This will take you through various organelles in both plants and animals.  Pay attention to the various differences between a plant and animal cell.   As you...