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SNC1D – Grade 9 Academic Science

Human Destructors

This is an embedded Microsoft Office document, powered by Office. Please download the file for the rest of the assignment and rubric. 1D - Human Destructors Assignment and RubricDownload

Ecology Rotation Two

Through this rotation we will be able to: Develop an appreciation of how human societies depend on sustainable ecosystems but cause habitat change, overexploitation, pollution, introduce invasive species, and climate change Give explanation and examples of the...

Ecology Rotation One

Through this rotation we will be able to: demonstrate ways that nutrients move through ecosystems in cycles. outline how energy enters ecosystems through photosynthesis, is transferred through cellular respiration, and is eventually lost as heat. Provide examples of...

SBI3C – Grade 11 College Biology

Taxonomy Project

Preparation for the Project Watch the following videos to get a sense of what taxonomy scheme is and what a dichotomous key is!    

Transportation in Cells

Transport Systems in Cells. from Ms F on Vimeo.

Functional Foods

Today's Work Read through theses pages (Section 1.8 - Functional Foods) and complete the 'Learning Checkpoint' questions. Start research for the 'Take A Stand - Should Functional Foods be Regulated?'.  This is an INDIVIDUAL task (regardless of it saying 'in a group!')...

Enzymes and How They Work

Video from slide deck.

SBI4C – Grade 12 University Biology

Biochemical Changes

*Modified from TELO content. MINDS ON Changes Before we begin looking at specific biological reactions, let’s take a step back and examine a change involving objects we can see with our eyes and hold with our hands. Suppose you are interested in purchasing a pizza...

Informed Decisions – Related to Food

  Resources... Minds on quiz… http://bit.ly/123-4U (Key... check in)      Canada's Food Guide - https://food-guide.canada.ca/en/  

Banana DNA Extraction


Identifying Nutrients

Please log into the Gizmo site using the following... Then complete the following worksheet and finish the activity by doing the quiz.

Looking at the Bigger Picture

  Videos from the slide deck... Resources... Imaging Technology Organizer - Imaging Technology Size Chart - http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/cells/scale/ Cell Interactive - https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/cells/insideacell/