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Jennifer Faulkner

Jennifer Faulkner

Secondary Teacher - NewStart and Hagersville Secondary School

As a secondary teacher I believe in nurturing mental wellness, that every student is a good person who wants to be ‘seen’ by others and that students should drive their own learning experience.

Formally as the TELT (Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching Contact) I worked with students, teachers and administrators to help expand their vision of learning and promote learning with an inquiry based collaborative lens that engages the learner in all of us. I believe this will honour many different learning processes and ultimately make the learner achieve greater success in the world.

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Aaron Puley

Aaron Puley

Head of Canadian and World Studies at Sir Winston Churchill

As a secondary teacher I believe in learning through inquiry and develop these skills in my students as well as in my colleagues within my department and school.

Formally as the consultant of Positive School Climate, I worked with students, teachers, and parents, building capacity for the improvement of student engagement and achievement by embedding technology into daily teaching and learning to ensure that education is a relevant, collaborative, interactive, and responsive experience for students.

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