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Zombie fungus that inspired 'The Last of Us' is real? - BusinessTodayAs discussed yesterday there were a few questions about ‘The Last of Us’, Zombie ants and the cordyceps fungi.

To start us off we brainstormed a few questions and came up with….

  • Can this happen in real life?
  • How can that type of fungi affect humans?

Overall we will need to do some research!  Please complete the following:

  1. Have we been exposed to cordyceps before in our human history?  How were we exposed and to what extent does it affect us?  When did this occur?  Give at least two examples.
  2. How do ants take care of their colony and try to keep it healthy? 
  3. What do parasitized fungi do to insects?  Give an explanation of the steps from infection to death.  Which insects can be impacted?
  4. What does other parasitic organisms do to mammals – great wolves, cats, mice and primates?  Explain the concern with mice/primates – what is the potential impact to us? How is this similar to the cordyceps infections?
  5. How is climate change impacting this fungi and is this worrisome?  Explain.
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Final Reflection:

In a well constructed paragraph or two explain your thoughts with examples from the research you have done.  Each question will require proof as you defend your opinion.

  • Can this happen in real life?  What might it look like?  Defend your answer with explanation and detail.
  • How can that type of fungi affect humans?  Is this currently happening and could its impact become more noticeable in everyday life?  What might that look like?  Give examples to explain.

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