Describing Ecosystems – Part B – Slidedeck

Task Three: Natural vs Artificial Ecosystems

  • Complete the QuickLab – Textbook page 20.
  • Please do the following… 1-3, 5-7 (not the graph!!) of the procedure and question section
  • Submit to Brightspace or in person – the Task 2 box (for Part A and B)

Task Four: Biomes in Canada

  • Create a table for Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomes in Canada. 
  • Use page 17 in the textbook to support you.
  • For Aquatic biomes include pond/lake and wetlands in your table… Biomes across the top and row for locations and features.
  • Submit to Brightspace or in person

Explaining Your Issue – Research

You will collect initial research about your ecological issue and the impact it has on an ecosystem. When you are done, you will have approximately one page of point form notes about your topic in your notebook (you can write more if you find good information). You will also have a list of sources (websites) at the bottom of your notes.

Use the following questions to guide your research.

  • What is the main ecological (environmental) issue?
  • Which ecosystem is affected? Describe it in detail.
  • Is this issue in a First Nation, Métis or Inuit community? Alternatively, how is the issue affecting a nearby Indigenous community?
  • How does this issue conflict with the Indigenous views of sustainability you have learned about?
  • Who is responsible for the damage?
  • Who and what is affected by the ecological (environmental) issue?
  • Are there any statistics to help explain why this is an issue?
  • What are the short-term effects of this issue?
  • What are the possible long-term effects of this issue?
  • Are other ecosystems affected as well?
  • Other facts you come across about the issue and the ecosystem.
  • You do not need to answer each question; just use them as a guide. 

Research Notes…

  • I have about a page of concise, point form notes in my own words (not copied directly)
  • Any direct quotes (word for word) I have recorded are sourced (exactly where it came from is noted)
  • I have enough research to fully understand the ecological issue
  • I have enough research/information to be able to describe the ecosystem
  • I have a list of “sources” (websites or print resources where I got my information from) listed at the end of my page (I will be converting them into APA reference style – not like English’s reference style)
  • I have selected photos and graphs that support my understanding of the issue (recorded source of this too) to use in my blog post