So… with the launch of the new SpaceX shuttle with….

It is changing the ideas behind space travel and possibilities…

Things we need to continue to think of or about…


Mars – the possiblity??

And the plan is…


Task:  Is it possbile?

As you look towards the future what might this hold for you, your children and your grandchildren?  Take a moment to reflect on these ideas of space travel for all and the possiblity to move to Mars!!

Outline ideas about…

  • How has SpaceX and the Boeing Starliner are changing how space travel occurs.  What changes have they made and why are they better than traditional spacecraft.
  • What challenges do you see for us as these shifts come into place around space travel being ‘affordable’ and ‘for all’?
  • What potential would there be to travel further?
  • Would you go to Mars? Why or Why not?

**This is part of your term mark for the space unit… make sure to include ideas from the videos, the slidedecks and your notes so far in the unit.

Put  your thoughts together in a couple of paragraphs and submit them to the submission box in Teams.


P2 – Evolution of Astronomer Tools

Please read and note (and draw) part of section 9.1 – pages 345-48.

Then complete questions Q6, 7 and 8… page 351

Submit to the dropbox in Teams