Humans-in-SPACE Slidedeck


Watch the videos from the slide deck…

For ISS – Inside Tour video (25mins)

  • Give 8 things that you learned or found interesting

For PBS – Can humans cope with long space travel

  • Give your thoughts on these two twins and what they proved about extended space travel.

For the other two videos

  • Overall give three new things you learned or thought was neat and why.
  • Submit to the Teams box – Space Videos

Period Three: Read and Note the Expanding Universe…. 

  • Read and Note practice…
  • Read and do quick jot notes for section 7.3 in the textbook (pages 278-286)
  • Complete Q1-8 on page 288.
  • Submit both of these to Teams in the ‘Expanding Universe’ box. After submission use the answer key found there to mark your questions.
  • P4 – Credit Rescue – complete outstanding work. (see key assignments in Teams P4 attendance part)