Batteries Assignment to finish off the electrcity unit – Batteries – Energizer and TedEd Worksheet.

History of the Universe by Humans Slidedeck


Resources from the slide deck…

Here is the article about UAPs and Obama (if you are interested) – 

Watch and observe any neat ancient knowlegde, understanding or innovation.

Storm the Brain

Take a mental look at your life and how you live… look at the technology and innovation around you.

Make a list of items that you believe is the result of space innovation and technology that has made it into ‘everyday life’.

Put for as many as you can think in five minutes


There will be a sumbission box in Teams for this work.  Please submit all files for these tasks into the one box!


Task 1. Space Technology and Innovation

Using some items on your list (up to 5), research 10 items that originally were created to fill a need due to space exploration. You may do some research from the links below and organize your information in the following table in your notes.

Item Date Created Creator Space Use / Reason it was created Current use


Websites to get started with…


Task 2. Canadian Contributions

Please compile a list of 7 contributions that Canadians have made in regards to space exploration.  Give 2-3 sentences to outline what the contribution was and how it was important to continuing exploration.

Try this website as a start…