Electrical Power and Energy Efficiency Slidedeck


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Task 1:  Our Energy Consumption

Please complete this worsheet (Our Energy Consumption – worksheet) and submit to the Teams dropbox.


Task 2: Energy, Society, and the Environment Sway

Research the societal, economic, and environmental impacts of one non-renewable resource (oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy) and one renewable energy resource (biomass , geothermal, tidal, wind, and solar).  See sull assignment here – Energy, Society, and the Environment Sway

*If your ecological issue look at the following energy producing resources as you will be looking into this further for your blog post coming up….

Deforestation in Borneo – hydroelectric dams

Deforestation in Haiti– solar power

Industry increasing mercury– coal burning plants

Coal mining in South Africa – wind or solar farms

Coral bleaching– solar panels

Pesticides used in farming/agriculture – biomass

Decline in the bee population  – solar power

Overfishing and destructive fishing – hydroelectric

Water shortages – hydroelectric

Lack of Fresh Drinking water – coal burning plants