Review of the Unit So Far…Slidedeck

Ohm’s Law Slidedeck


One pager of the ppt for printing – 1D – Ohms law

Tasks to Complete…

Task 1: Ohm’s Law Worksheet

Ohm’s Law Worksheet

  • Complete all questions on the sheet. You may use the formula triangle, your calculator and your knowledge of Ohm’s Law.
  • **Write them out by hand on paper. **
  • Once submitted to the Teams submission box you will be provided an answer key to self assess you work. Tally your marks earned and resubmit that file.
  • When you are confident please do the quiz found on the Teams site.

Task 2: Circuit Gizmo

  • Complete the Circuit Gizmo from   Enrollment code: QZP2FK… use your board login credentials as the ones for the gizmo when you sign up.
  • As you work through the Gizmo fill in the Student Exploration Sheet: PDF or MS Word
  • Complete the quiz after you have finished the worksheet.
  • Put the worksheet up in the Teams submision box.