Cell Cycle and Cancer Slidedeck

P2 Task – Tailor Made Body Parts

You will be working in small groups in Teams to complete this task from the textbook page 39.  Start a shared document in your meeting and work through the procedure and questions.  Submit by email.

  • In 2008, Dr. Anthony Atala, from Wake Forest University, North Carolina, reported that he and his team had successfully grown 18 different tissues outside of the body using the techniques of regeneration.
  • One particularly successful experiment involved the creation of a human bladder that was grown in the lab from the patient’s own bladder cells and then transplanted into the patient.
  • Growing replacement organs in the lab would meet the needs for replacement organs.
  • Some businesses have recognized the opportunities that this new technology provides.
  • For example, in the future, if you were in need of a replacement organ, you could simply order a tailor-made replacement body part made using your own cells…

P4 Task- Historical Thinking on Cancer

Download this activity worksheet it has the instructions and can be filed in as you work through the video clips below.  Keep in mind that you will be asked to reflect on your learnings after you have completed the worksheet (either a video blog or a podcast – voice recording).   Your reflection should be organized and should cover the following items…

  • The most interesting thing I learned about cancer today was…. because… (give at least 2 reasons why it was interesting).
  • Cancer touches all of our lives in some way, how have you or will you try to lessen the chances of cancer impacting your life?
  • **These podcasts or video blogs will be collected and shared with the class.  Put up your thoughts on the Flipgrid.  Class code: e1145eef… https://flipgrid.com/e1145eef