Cost and Benefit Slide Deck

Group Case Study: Oil

Please use the following article to work through these ideas… Alberta Oil Sands Article

Cost benefit analysis

  • A cost-benefit analysis of the entire oil sands development is too complex to do here.
  • It is easier to examine particular aspects of the development.
  • Use the information that has been provided in this case study to fill in the table to create a cost-benefit analysis of drilling as a method of extracting the oil sands.
  • Questions
    • Based on this analysis, would you say that drilling is a better way to extract oil sands than mining?
    • If you consider the perspective of an environmentalist, what kind of question might they ask in their cost-benefit analysis?

Individual Case Study: Evaluating the use of ammonia as a household cleaner

Scenarios and tasks

Mark went to buy cleaning products for his bathroom. In the process of deciding which products to purchase, he read the names of the various chemicals on the bottles and was surprised to find that he hadn’t heard of many of them. To better understand how these products work, he is learning more about one chemical in particular – ammonia (NH3).

You will make a chart to summarize the physical characteristics of ammonia for Mark. Since he is unfamiliar with scientific concepts, he is asking you to put together a presentation (including diagrams and images where necessary) to teach him more about this compound, culminating with a cost-benefit analysis for its use.

See tasks in the assignment sheet – Evaluating the use of Ammonia\

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