Atomic Model and Bohr Diagrams Slide Deck 


Bohr Diagrams – Quick Reference Sheet

Please complete the following Böhr Diagrams (word version Böhr Diagrams) for the first 20 elements on the periodic table.  You can use your e, p, and n’s work that you completed in our week off.


P4 Task – Chemistry Assignment for the unit…

Meet an Element – Personal Ad – (word version)

In this assignment you will research an element, and create a personal ad about that element, combining text and images. It will fun and explain what your element is looking for in a love connection!! 

Element must be from element 21 – 112 (NOT one in the first 20 elements)

Register your element here (only one person can do each element) –

Under 200 words:  

Example: Fluorine (F); atomic number = 9

Personal ad: Single fluorine atom seeking another kind atom willing to donate one electron to add stability to my life. I currently have seven electrons in my outer shell and am willing to form an ionic bond with any atom who answers this ad.

Research Starter: Short Videos on all the Elements: