Task – Bias and Perspective

Read Article One:

  • Read through the following article which deals with the questions posed above.
  • As you read, jot down evidence that supports the claim that increased CO2levels are a benefit and record any evidence that says otherwise, as well. A T-chart may be a good way to track your ideas.
  • Try to remain open minded with regard to both sides of the argument as you carefully consider the points that are made.

Watch this and then look at your article again… what words are there to sway your mind?

Read Article Two:

  • Rinse and repeat!
  • Here is another article that deals with the same idea of increased CO2levels being a benefit to plants.
  • As you read it, do the same exercise as before and record the evidence for and against the main argument (again, a T-chart is your friend here).
  • Does this article point to a different conclusion? Are there signs of bias?


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