FACT Drug Study Booklet


You have been hired by the Find A Chemical Today company.  F.A.C.T is a company who prides itself on publishing information on chemicals and having the most up to date information in the industry.  F.A.C.T has just become aware that there is a serious gap in their chemical library.  They are lacking information when it comes to the legal drugs that one can buy at the local pharmacy.  You and your team of colleges have been selected to “find a chemical (drug) today” and begin a research project.  F.A.C.T is very strict as a company and requires that the project follow the guidelines laid out.  Since you are on company time, the company expects you to finish by the due date.

The Project:

Pick a drug.  It can be any drug found in a pharmacy or on the suggestion sheet (It may not be marijuana or marijuana related products).  It may be an over the counter drug or one that you need a prescription for.  Your drug must be registered with the F.A.C.T representative (Ms Faulkner) so that there are no duplicate research projects, as F.A.C.T wants to cover as many drugs as possible.

Part One: Research (*2 periods in the Library)

These ideas have been provided by the company and is to be used as a guideline it covers the bare minimum of information that needs to be covered in this project.  You are to cover at least the following ideas;

  • Why is the drug used?
  • How does the drug do its job? (Tells the body how to fix/do things)
  • What organs are affected by the drug?
  • Are there adverse reactions or side effects expected when taking this drug? What is the percentage of people that experience these side effects?
  • Are there any contraindications (look up this word!) for this drug?
  • Are their drug-drug interactions known?
  • Other information needed to explain the drug and what it does…

This research needs to be completed by you before the booklet can be started.  Remember to write down all websites and books used to ascertain the information.  Your project must include at least three references (one must be from a book or magazine, etc.  something that is print material!).   See the referencing section below to learn how to properly reference.  Also you are required to find at least 2 appropriate pictures.  Pictures must also be properly referenced in a caption under the picture.  Failure to provide references will result in you not being “paid” by F.A.C.T since this would be considered plagiarism and is a severely punishable offence!

Part Two:  Drug Booklet

F.A.C.T has insisted that each researcher turn in an information booklet on their chosen drug.  The information found in the booklet must include but not limited to the information you have from the research ideas.  It must be neatly arranged/organised.  The use of colour would enhance the overall visual appeal as well.  The text must refer to any pictures used as in a textbook (The structural diagram for caffeine can be seen in Figure 1) and the picture must include the caption reference as well as identify what it is (ex Figure 1:  The structural diagram of caffeine. (reference)).  The booklet must be no longer than two 8 1/2” x 11” sheets folded in half.  Any deviation from this length will not be accepted by the F.A.C.T Company and will result in you not being “paid”.

Proper Referencing


Website address, Author of article or Webmaster (date visited)


Last, First.  (Date)  Title of Book.  Publisher, place.  Pages.


Last, Fist.  (Date)  Title of Article.  Title of Magazine.  Issue number, Pages.


**Due October 27th – Submit virtual pieces to the Teams submission box