Our eyes are created so that we can see colour, different shades, and light.

Between the direction of light and colour our eyes are able to pick up what colour the object is.

I chose this picture to represent optics because it is an easy visual to understand. The sun onto the object which then we see the colour. Optics is very important and shows us how we see the world. Understanding a bit more about why and how our eyes see what they see is interesting.

http://www.physics.org/ is the first website I chose. It can answer all your questions about physics/optics. It is very visual and colourful. It explains very well and helps people have a better understanding.
http://physicsworld.com/ was the second website I chose. It again help you have a better understanding for the topic and answered any questions you had. There was lot of pictures and helped create a visual in your head.

“The physics book” by Clifford A. Pickover. Is the book I chose. The cover was very intriguing and made you want to pick it off the shelf and read it. This book is all about physics and how it works. Everything you need to know is in this book. I recommend buying this book if you ever have any questions about physics.