Convex mirrors:

Convex mirrors reflect light outwards and are not used to focus light.

Why its important: it is important to know convex mirrors because we use them in everyday life between driving a car to see oncoming traffic to in a store to spot robberies. Its a tool we use everyday. It helps us in seeing better with eye glasses, and magnifying glasses. Its also very important we know how they work and how the light reflects off them so we can see so many angles from the mirror.


Real life example:

Convex mirrors are used as side-view mirrors on passenger’s side of a car for it to form smaller image for driver to see the on coming traffic.

Another convex mirror real life example is in stores in any corner the is a camera or very big mirror  where theft is common.

Convex mirrors are used inside of buildings, making lenses of sunglasses, magnifying glasses and telescope.


 The website I used helps understand the main topic because  it tells you all about concave and convex mirrors. It has pictures and gives real life examples of bothe mirrors. The website also gives you the properties of the formal image by the convex mirror.

Book/Journal entry:

This article has the key point of convex mirrors because it gives you the types of convex mirrors. It also gives definition, images, step by step instructions and  videos. It also gives step by step instruction on how to do the mirrors.  The website also gives real life situations so you can get a deeper understanding of it.