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(chemical equations – slideshow)

For the chemistry portion of my culminating assignment, I chose chemical equations as the most enduring learning point. I chose this point because I find it to be the most important. When it comes to chemistry, chemical equations are needed to plan and analyze reactions (another very important part of chemistry). If you don’t understand equations, then you can’t do any real chemistry. A real-life application for this concept would be baking – you can’t bake if you don’t understand the recipe!


What is a Chemical Equation? – Definition & Examples – Video & Lesson Transcript |

A chemical equation is a short-hand way to represent the components of a chemical reaction. There are several pieces of information provided in a chemical equation for those working with the chemical equation or corresponding chemical reaction. You’ve worked with equations in mathematics where an equation is used to represent information such as equalities or inequalities.

Chemical Equations – Concept – Chemistry Video by Brightstorm

Video demonstration on how to write a skeletal chemical equation. Chemical equations shows the reactants and the products of a chemical reaction.

Above are the websites that I chose as references for my key learning point. These websites were chosen because they could help anyone (no matter their previous knowledge) to easily understand chemical equations. Both websites contain videos and the first contains an excellent lesson transcript for even more information. These references both have a very classroom-y feel to them; which makes it even easier to grasp the concept. Although these websites both contain relatively the same information, they can both help. I would recommend them to anyone wanting/needing to understand the concept.