Climate Change: The Stories within the Ice


I chose to do my project on the ice cores as my topic from the climate change unit. I chose the ice cores because of the mass amount of information regarding them. There are many stories within the ice cores. We learned plenty about all of this information, yet I still found myself wanting to know more. And that is why I thought it was so important to do my project on this subject.

This subject applies to real life considering the fact that it contains plenty of information on the pollution humans cause.

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            Website #1:


“Ice core basics.”,

Reason(s) for Using Website:

This website is perfect for those who want to understand what ice cores are. As the title even states this website consists of all the basics regarding ice cores. This website also states plenty of information on how they are used for information. This website also utilizes many photos for people to easily understand this topic. I would suggest using this website to understand the basics of ice cores.

Website #2:


“Ice cores and climate change.” British Antarctic Survey,

Reason(s) for Using Website:

I used this website because it not only explains the concept of ice cores but the information than can display about climate change. This website makes the concepts of these two pieces of important information easily understood. Not only are the paragraphs easily understood but the photos make this much easier to understand. I would suggest this website for anyone who would like to understand what is happening to our environment.




Alley, Richard B. The Two-Mile Time Machine: Ice Cores, Abrupt Climate Change, and Our Future. Princeton University Press, 2015.

Reason(s) for Using Book:

This book has so much information! Not only is it just simple information about the ice cores, there is so much more information involved. There is plenty information about what ice cores have to do with climate change. This book also has plenty of information on what the information in the ice cores means for our future.