The Short Compound

I’m sort, I’m short said SO4, I’m always short by two.

I’ll go into the yard today, yes that’s just what I’ll do.

I’ll go to the neighbours, the hydrogen twins, they happen to live next door.

Together we will have some fun and make H2SO4.

SO4 had found the trick to making his day bright,

When you are blue and short an electron or two there’s a way to make it right.

To make a compound stable or into equilibrium its state

You need to find a matching pair of electrons with which to mate.

For each single element or compound that we find

Electrons are needed in their outer shell to bind.

For example SO4 was short 2 electrons for it’s fun,

So we bind it with two Hydrogens, each contributing electrons one.

So for any compound or element it’s usually short electrons in their outer shell, says Bohr.

In order to make it stable the one thing it must do is find is find a simple element that will contribute an electron or two.

And as Bohr said and as you see the outer shells now full,

You have a stable compound with no need for any pulls.


-Megan Page


understanding how to bind compounds is very important. If you understand why and how they bind it will be easier o find or make new compounds. It will also be  safer as you will be able to predict what type of reaction it will cause and f it will be an acid, base, etc. Understanding is important for experiment of any type and is needed for the mixing of elements.













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