The point that I though was the most important was knowing what global warming is, as well as the effect it has on our environment.

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Knowing what global warming is as well as possible effects is very important. If you know what it is, and the negative effect is can have on the environment, you could possibly make different decisions about your own life and education. You could choose a different career path, fight harder for the environment, or possibly change the way you get places. You might be more apt to choose a career that deals with researching climate change, making people aware of climate change, or helping to be more environmentally friendly.

Real life

This knowledge is very relevant to your everyday life. When you know what causes global warming, it can influence you to make different decisions. Like walking to the corner store instead of driving, or using reusable bottles instead of disposable ones. You can also tell friends and/or family, and they might make different decisions as well.


1- The first website (https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/global-warming-overview/) is very good. It explains what global warming is, why it’s a concern, and some of the effects. It also has a video at the bottom of the page going into further detail.

2- The second website (https://www.livescience.com/37003-global-warming.html) gives statistics as well as information about the Paris Agreement. It also has a few videos and provides additional resources.


The journal I chose (http://go.galegroup.com/ps/retrieve.do?tabID=T003&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&searchResultsType=SingleTab&searchType=AdvancedSearchForm&currentPosition=1&docId=GALE%7CA520054603&docType=Article&sort=Relevance&contentSegment=&prodId=GPS&contentSet=GALE%7CA520054603&searchId=R2&userGroupName=ko_k12hs_d26&inPS=true) talks about the action citizens are taking against their governments. It tells of how citizens are suing their governments and explains what they’re trying to make happen.