In the online article Global Warming and Climate Change by Stephen K. Ritter, it explains the definition of climate change and how it is affecting the Earth in the present day. The dramatic imp

act of global warming can be easily shown throughout the series of charts and diagrams throughout the article. In the article, Ritter states: “Whether or not global warming stemming from human activities is occurring, it is developing into the great scientific debate of our time” (pg. 4). Given the fact that this paper was published approximately 8 years ago, one can conclude that it is indeed a fact that human activities are a major contribution as to why global warming is taking place, due to more and more evidence in the present day of 2017/18. In addition, the article also explains, according to meteorologist Roy W. Spencer of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH), that “unfortunately, the data now shows us that we have underestimated the climate crisis” (pg.16). Furthermore, there is also a quote that proves that humans are one of the major causes of climate change: “There is only one Earth to observe and test with climate models, and attempts to do so are severely limited by humanity’s relatively short existence and the inherent complexity of the global climate system” (Ritter, pg. 16).

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The website “Causes of climate change” by the Government of Canada is very helpful in informing the reader on what climate change is. The website provides several additional links to expand the reader’s knowledge on the topic, such as “Canada in a Changing Climate: Sector Perspectives on Impacts and Adaptation“. In addition, the website supplies the reader with subtitles that organize the information that helps the reader get the answers they need. These subtitles are: “Causes of climate change”, “Natural causes”, “Human cause”, “Short-lived and long-lived climate forcers”, and lastly, “Impacts of climate change”. Not only are the factors mentioned reasonable, but also this is a website by the Government of Canada; therefore, it is a legitimate website to gather information, unlike Wikipedia.

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                 The website “Impacts of climate change” by the David Suzuki foundation is relevant to this topic because it is a simple, one paged article that the reader can go through with ease. It explains the impacts, the threats, and the inspiration to take action on this topic. In short, this website is simple, relevant, and informative that the reader can easily understand.

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