Importance of The Cell Cycle and Mitosis – Biology

The cell cycle and mitosis is a key point to biology. The cell cycle is a theme in which, “the series of events that take place in a cell leading to its division and duplication of its DNA to produce two daughter cells”. The cell cycle contains four stages

Prophase: the act in which the cell prepares genetic material into chromosomes, as well as the nuclear membrane dissolves.

Metaphase: when the pentamirrors attach to spindle fibers which are attracted to the consoles.

Anaphase: “fight over ana” when the cells chromosomes are pulled apart.

Telophase: the act of the reformation of nuclear membrane and the beginning of the division of the cytoplasm, and pinching occurs in the cell’s membrane.


I personally believe that the cell cycle and the act of mitosis is an very important part of biology, as it is a stepping stone for future biology and having a good understanding of cells and diseases in a living organism. After I had a good understanding of the cell cycle and its importance I seemed to have an easier understanding, as if everything clicked in the biology we studied.

The cell cycle acts as a set of instructions to build. The cell cycle also creates all the tissue in which the tissue creates organs.

Cells (created by the cell cycle and mitosis)                 Tissue                Organs


The cell cycle is also important because it helps us get a good understanding of genetic diseases as well as cancer. An example of a genetic disease created by the cell cycle mess up is down syndrome. The genetic disease down syndrome is when the cell contains extra chromosomes. Now, for cancer the cell cycle is important because the cell cycle gives us a better understanding of how cancer is created. Cancer is formed when the cell system is interrupted by a cell that decides to break free and start its own division.

In the end, I believe that the cell cycle is a key point of the biology unit. As you can see the cell cycle ad mitosis play a large role in future biology and having a good understanding of living organisms. This key point gave me more of an understanding to this unit. Therefore, the cell cycle and mitosis is a key part to biology.

Biology: The Cell Cycle and Mitosis
Website one:

A good website to use to get a better understanding of the cell cycle and its relation to cancer is This is a good website to use because it explains and gives further detail to how cancer is connected to the cell cycle. The website helps connect everything together and helps make everything make sense. Overall I thought that this website was very good with a lot of detail and explanations.
Website two:

Another good website I came across was https;// I found this a really good website because it really helps explain the cell cycle and its purpose. This site also gave good examples as well as diagrams. This site also makes it an easier to understand and relate different topics. Overall I found this a really useful website.


As I was researching about the cell cycle and down syndrome I came across this article, called Cell Cycle and Cell Size Regulation in Down Syndrome Cells. I was really interested in this because it related back to my paper on the cell cycle and mitosis and how down syndrome is an a result from the cell cycle having a mishap. I was also interested because my mom works ith children with disabilities and she also did research about the cells in a child with down syndrome. This article also has many interesting facts about how the cell cycle is related to genetic diseases and ore specifically in down syndrome.