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The Amazing and Complicated Synthesis Reaction
https://www.brightstorm.com/science/chemistry/chemical-reactions/synthesis-reactions/ , is the first and best website I chose. I picked this website because it had informational videos on more than just one chemistry topic. There is a fluent explanation throughout the videos and underneath there is a written description. Also on this website there are different units to go through and they give you a thorough explanation for each part throughout the unit. I watched the video and it gave me a better understanding of the concept of Synthesis Reactions.
https://study.com/academy/lesson/synthesis-reaction-definition-formula-examples.html , is a website with informational videos and text on Synthesis Reactions. Throughout this website once you finish certain videos and readings it quizzes you. In order for you to watch the videos you must make and account and then you can start watching the videos and taking the tests. It gives you many examples to help make it easier to understand. It is a website made for helping you study towards exams or tests.
The Book
The book I chose was called “Organic Synthesis: Strategy and Control”. It went in depth on the topic of synthesis and gave good examples and thoughts on the topic. It also went more advanced into the reactions and equations. It talks about solving problems either by finding alternative strategy, or by controlling any strategy. It also gives guidelines on how certain reactions will behave in certain conditions. And it gives and extensive reference in each chapter.