The Cell
The cell is the most important part of biology because each body is made up of millions of cells, without them we wouldn’t be able to live. I chose this key point because it is a very important component to everyday living. Cells along with organs help the body’s function and keep us alive. A real life situation as to why people would need to know and learn about the cell is if you were becoming/ are a doctor. Doctors need to know everything about the body to be able to help their patients, knowing the body, how it works, and every part of it is the first step. Knowing each part of the cell and what it means, what it does, and the importance of it is a very good skill to accomplish and learn throughout your life. I decided to create a cell to demonstrate this.

Websites is the first website I chose. I picked this website because it talks a lot about cell structure. There are games and interactive pieces to help you have a better understanding. There are articles, virtual labs, notes, and many worksheets on this website. The person who created the website made it so there are a lot of references to gain information. is the second website I chose. This website has a huge article on cells and the different parts, how they work etc.. The website is well organized and easy to find the things you want to learn about. It goes into depth and looks at the cell in a very interesting way. I believe this is a pretty good website to use as it uses a lot of important information that you would need to know about cells.
The book I chose was very interesting. It’s called “The book of Cells: A breviary of cytopathology”. It was very colourful and caught the eye. It is very practical and goes into depth. Reading this book would give people a better understanding of how cells interact with the body and other things in life. This book would be a good purchase as you would learn a lot and grow from it.