Chemistry: Chemical Valley


I chose to use Sway to display the key point of “Chemical Valley.” I chose this key point because of its real effects on people and the effect it has on everything around this area. This key point ultimately is affecting humans and that’s what it truly is, “Chemical Valley” is affecting humans as we speak and it truly makes you think about what effect everything we do has on us and the environment.


            Website #1:


Ugc. “Chemical Valley.” Atlas Obscura, Atlas Obscura, 14 Aug. 2016,

Reason(s) For Using Website:

I used this website because it utilized relevant facts quickly and effectively. The creators/submitters of this page, on this website, used many photos of “Chemical Valley” to explain and demonstrate the effects and existence of “Chemical Valley.” The paragraphs on this website quickly get to the point with the first paragraph stating where and what is happening. Each paragraph in this article has its own subject, hence making this website easier to understand because each fact is separate. The facts that this website states bring forward emotions and understanding from the reader.

            Website #2:


“Defending the rights of Chemical Valley residents – Charter Challenge.” Ecojustice,

Reason(s) For Using Website:

I used this website because of the information that it displays and utilizes. This website is about the case that EcoJustice has against “Chemical Valley.” It talks about the effects of “Chemical Valley” on its residences and the work that is being done to help them. The photo that is used displays how close the factory setting is to the people and displays the people working against this inhumane situation. This website is very useful for its information on the situation and its information on what is being done to help this situation and fix it.



Wiebe, Sarah Marie. Everyday Exposure: Indigenous Mobilization and Environmental Justice in Canada’s Chemical Valley. UBC Press, 2016.

Reason(s) For Using Book:

            I used this book because of the information that it talks about the subject that it is on. This book is all about Chemical Valley. It explains the situation that is going on, the people who are getting sick, etc. It also explains what is being done to fix the situation, and what could or should be done. This book is perfect for someone who wants a thorough understanding of what Chemical Valley is and what is happening inside of it.