I chose the order of Mitosis as my key learning piece, specifically how to remember the order. Mitosis is the base of all biology, everything alive has cells, and when studying and learning about biology knowing how the cells divide is a key part. Everything including ourselves rely on good cell division, pictures and diagrams of mitosis display how cells divide and stay healthy to keep you healthy. In real life, you will find cancer has affected you in some way, when mitosis dos not work properly or the cycle becomes mutated cancer can form.
In order to fully understand Mitosis, it both has to be explained through pictures and words. This Khan Academy lesson fully explains the cell cycle, it has very in-depth diagrams that are simple to understand. Since this website is like a class you can ask any question and you will get a fast response from one of the teachers at the academy. Mitosis can be very difficult to remember, there are multiple steps that can get confusing at times. By having the educators right at your fingertips all you have to do is type out your question, you can calm down and get your lesson fully explained by someone you know is right there. In the Cells Alive website, it is a site our class is familiar with and it provides an interactive piece on the phases of mitosis. You can go through the the animation countless times, and it really gives you a strong understanding of every phase. These websites are great for visuals of mitosis along with detailed descriptions to provide the knowledge of mitosis needed for success in a biology unit.
Molecular Biology of the Cell. 4th Edition.
This book describes in great detail the phases of mitosis and goes into deeper detail than needed for our unit. This book can give you a deeper understanding of exactly what happens to a cell in mitosis and provides many figures and charts displaying what the cells look like and how they act during mitosis. For our unit figures 18-14, 18-18, and 18-22 display detailed diagrams of phases of mitosis. This book may not be the best for basic knowledge of mitosis but provides such a stronger and more detailed explanation if you are looking to expand your knowledge on mitosis past what it does and the basic information in the phases.

I made diagrams of the cell cycle and provided the easiest way to remember the order and how the cell cycle works below:



Interphase- the resting phase between cycles of mitosis, where the cell grows.






Prophase- Prepare genetic material into chromosomes, dissolve nuclear membrane.







Metaphase- Meet in the middle, centromeres attach to spindle fibres, which attach to the centrioles.














Anaphase- fight over Ana“, chromosomes are pulled in half.









Telophase- “all done and watch the teli”, reformation of the nuclear membrane and the beginning of the division of cytoplasm and pinching in of the cell membrane.