Chemistry – The Importance of Chemical Reactions

What I believe that the enduring learning point for the chemistry unit was understanding the cause and effect of chemical reactions.


I thought that understanding what chemical reactions are and how to identify them was a very important thing for people to know, especially those who plan on being around possible reactions at any point in their life (medical professionals, factory workers, environmental specialists, crime investigations, cleaning, etc).

Chemical reactions have the potential to be extremely dangerous if not in a safe and controlled environment. Some chemical reactions can cause things like fire or possibly dangerous gasses. If you know the signs of a chemical reaction, you can control the situation and stay safe.

Knowing how a substance is reacting can also tell you about its properties, and how it’ll react to other substances. Also, chemical reactions can sometimes be fun to watch.

Real life

Knowing about chemical reactions can help you a ton in real life, both in your career and your personal/at home life.

To succeed in some careers, such as medical researcher or forensic scientist, you need to know how to identify and cause chemical reactions.

At home, chemical reactions can occur when cleaning, so it’s important to know what’s going on so that you can stay safe, and avoid injury.


1-The first website that I found (–of-life/chemical-bonds-and-reactions/a/chemical-reactions-article), is very good for people just beginning to learn about chemical reactions. It explains what chemical reactions are, as well as how and when chemical reactions occur. It also provides a comparison to make the idea clearer, and it’s one that most people will understand (Tinkertoy).

2-The second website (, is a tad bit more advanced than the first, but still easy to understand. It explains types of chemical reactions as well as how to identify them and explains how chemical and physical reactions are different. The website provides example photos to make the point clearer.

Book/Journal Article

The book “Chemical Reactions,” by Denise Walker is all about chemical reactions. It explains what chemical reactions are, how they happen, types of reactions, as well as how scientist analyze chemical reactions. It’s very educational and quite interesting at points despite that. It includes lots of photos, diagrams, and questions to make sure you understand what’s being said.