Anatomy is the science of the body and how its systems are connected. I believe anatomy is a key point in biology because of its importance to medical science. Anatomy is the basis of physiology; the science of how the body functions. Without this, we wouldn’t have pathophysiology; the science of how disease or injury affects the body’s function. Finally, without pathophysiology, we wouldn’t have modern health sciences. So, in short, anatomy is important because it is the basis for most of our health and well being.

Website 1:

“Medical News Today” gives a brief introduction to one of the most important parts of health and medicine; anatomy. This site covers the basics of the two types of anatomy; macroscopic and microscopic. Along with this, pictures are provided to help with understanding key concepts, and a short history lesson on the origin of anatomy. This site also offers resources for further research on the subject of anatomy.

Website 2:

“Inner body” is an interactive site with detailed models of the human body and its systems. This site is sure to help anyone who needs to know the functions of the body. This site also has information on common diseases and nutritional facts. Anyone unsure of the body’s functions won’t b after exploring this site.

Journal: History of Anatomy and Physiology: The Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment. (2007). 

This journal article serves as a history to modern anatomical science. Learning the origins of something is often a good way to learn of its importance. This article starts where modern anatomical science is believed to have started, in 1543 with anatomist and physician, Andreas Vesalius. After reading this article, it is easy to see how important these discoveries are to modern medical science, and important it is that we understand it.