Culminating Unit 2 

Biology: Mitosis and Cell Division 



I chose Mitosis and Cell Division as my enduring learning idea because it is important to all living things. The Cell Division helps with the growth of organisms and body/organs systems as well as shows particularly how our cells die and can regenerate. It also can show how diseases can grow or what they can do to your body. Mitosis and Cell Division also connect through all tasks that we have completed/learned about (Organs, Tissues, Frog Dissection, etc.). I believe that Mitosis and Cell Division is very important to the Biology Unit and that’s why I chose it as my enduring learning idea. 


The real-life application I chose was Cancer Researchers because they confront these issues all the time. They have to question where the cancer may have formed. But in Mitosis, cells divide and multiply steadily whereas when cancers formed it’s a DNA mutation that divides and multiplies uncontrollably. So, Mitosis is important to cancer researchers in the fact of cell division. Also, if the Cell Division didn’t perform properly, it can cause different disease such as down-syndrome, etc. 


These websites help to support my key point on Mitosis. It gives definitions and key information on the stages of cell division. It also describes additional facts that stem out from each main phase (I-PMAT). They clearly explain the process where the single cell divides into two identical daughter cells. It also has diagrams showing the phases step-by-step. These sites are essential to the Cell Division and Mitosis topic to best show step-by-step how Cell Division is shown.  


This article can best understand the topic of Mitosis and Cell Division. It states how Cell Division is very important to biology. It helps develop the knowledge of the particular functions of the division. The article also has statistics on the rapid technological growth of Mitosis in recent years. It also states the advances and how Mitosis has come about over the years. This article will help prove knowledge for Cell Division and steps of Mitosis. 

Focus on Cell Division (Article)