Human Destructors

Choose one of the following human activities and complete the following research report.

  • Invasive species
  • Habitat Loss
  • Global Warming
  • Acid Rain
  • Overhunting
  • Possibility of other student chosen topic (See Ms Faulkner)

Your research will be thorough.  Once you pick your topic brainstorm possible questions to research.  Create a list of at least 6 good questions understanding that you will probably add to your list as you find answers that might lead to more questions.

Think on things like…

  • Brief background of the issue
  • A detailed example of the effect of the activity on an ecosystem.
  • A detailed example of the effect of the activity on sustainability.
  • What the government and local groups are doing to reduce the impact and to restore the ecosystem. Be sure to name the government and local organization groups, for example Greenpeace or Parks Canada.

Visual and Pictures: You need to find at least three pictures, graphs or diagrams.  Be sure to include the url (web address of the image) in your research.

References: You must document all sources that you have used and you must reference them within your research. You will use APA reference style.

All material that is not common knowledge will be reference. You may paraphrase material however, it must be referenced! General knowledge statements do not have to be referenced. However, if you are citing something unique or specific, it must be referenced and in quotes. Quotes should be used sparingly.

All material MUST be in your own words. PLAGIARISM of ANY form will be brought to the attention of the administration and may result in a mark of ZERO along with other appropriate consequences.