BEDMAS – [Brackets, Exponents, Divide / Multiply (as you see it), Add / Subtract (as you see it)] can be a difficult concept to master.  Watch the Best Session on BEDMAS from Homework Help.

BEDMAS – Homework Help – Best Session from Ms F on Vimeo.

We are going to try a question and create a question for the next person – a Question Round Robin!  You will need to post your work (show steps and then answer) below as a comment.  So first person to this post try the questions – when you have finished create a new question for the next person to answer.  In a separate file / paper create the solution for your question and submit to the ‘Dropbox – BEDMAS’ or directly to the teacher.


Question One

2 + 7 (4×3) – 40/10 = ?

Work through the problem and then create your own!!  Remember to submit your answer key to your question!!  Enjoy!