Computer Activity:  Animal Mitosis Microscope Lab

Go to the Ontario Electronic Resource Bank.  Login using the information provided in class.  Agree to the terms of use… now do a search for ELO1228420.

  • Click on the blue title link ‘The Cell Cycle’.

Read the ‘Content’ section and note any information that is important or details that you did not already know.

  • Now click on the ‘Assignment’ tab at the top of the screen.  Download the worksheet and open the ‘Microscope MME’.  This will take you to a virtual microscope lab.
  • Complete all sections of the worksheet (do the physical drawings on a separate sheet of paper – submit in class), save the worksheet and submit via the ‘Courseware’ in the SBI3C group on our blog.

Tablet Activity: Cancer

  • Download this worksheet file and then click on the following links to complete it.
  • News Alerts(Activity 2)
  • Cell Cycle Animations (Activity 2)
  • **In addition to the worksheet please record a podcast of your ORGANIZED thoughts about the following items …
  • The most interesting thing I learned about cancer today was…. because… (give at least 2 reasons why it was interesting)
  • Cancer touches all of our lives in some way, how have you or will you try to lessen the chances of cancer impacting your life?
  • **These podcasts will be collected and shared with the class.

SMART board Activity

Lab Activity

  • Using our textbook ‘Investigating Science 10′, turn to pages 22-24.  There are two Inquiry Activities to complete.  You will be responsible for completing the ‘Procedure’, ‘Analyzing and Intrepreting’, ‘Skill Practise’ and ‘Forming Conclusions’ sections.
  • Get a microscope too!!

Low Tech

  • Complete the ‘Play-clay Cell’ activity!!!!  Using the Play-clay construct a plant and animal cell.  Include all organelles… use any of the colours you want.  Either draw or take a picture (cell phone or camera).  Make sure you label the cells.  Hand in any physical drawings and any digital pics post into your LiveBinders.