** Here is a ggod link to look at the Millenium Goals. 

Here is the link for the question sets from the GTP wiki… feel free to ‘poke’ around the site….

With your group, read your LC questions.

  1.  What questions come to mind when you read these questions?
  2. What might you need to research in order to answer these questions?  What statistics are needed to show Canada’s perspective on these issues or questions?  What pictures, charts, video clips, multimedia items, newspaper, reports etc. can help explain your topic and answer the questions?
  3. How might you find the answer to your questions and theirs?
  4. What organizations or groups in our community, province or country might be able to help give you the answers you need?  Why are these organizations key to your understanding?

** Now that you have your initial brainstorming complete have one team member put the beginnings of your research up into your LinoIt.  All other team mates begin your research in earnest.  Post all links into the LinoIt page with point form notes, all the phone numbers, contact names etc.  Use the LinoIt as research file for all of you.

**Remember you will need to be thorough in your research so that your answers are well-educated and written – we are writing for other people – in other countries – to help them better understand us (Canadians).  We are talking for all Canadians!!

Group One: New Bruswick

Group Two: Romania – Grigore Moisil

Group Three: Zambia

Group Four: Bangladesh

Group Five: Romania – Colegiul Economic

Group Seven: Romania – Szekely Karoly

Group Eight: CSS!

Group Nine: Romania – Grigore Moisil – gr2

Group Ten: Romania – Wesseleny