Ms Faulkner

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Learninghood is a community of learners – a neighbourhood to grow our understanding and support others to think deeper.  It is a safe space to try new things, to share and to reflect.
Take Me to the Good Stuff

Our Environment

Our Learning Space will be a place where the students will take responsibility for their learning and participate in such a way to drive their journey to discovery and understanding.  We will use many tools that are available to us – both physical, virtual and ‘old school’.

Learn By Doing

The best way to learn (in my opinion) is to get in it, try it out, manipulate it and get MESSY! Every student should have an epic FAIL (First, Attempt, In, Learning) when trying new things.  Students will be given the opportunity to try, make changes and try again.  The hope is through exploration that they will learn it on a deeper level.  So learning by doing will include both experiments and research.

Our Teacher

Ms. Faulkner

Ms Faulkner is the Department Head of Science at Cayuga Secondary School.  She has been and will continue to strive to connect student learning to the world around them.  She feels that students should have ownership over their learning and drive their journey.  Ms Faulkner also strives to teach the whole child and support the wellbeing of her students..


Our Upcoming School Events & Activities

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