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Food Webs, Trophic Interactions and Cycles Assignment

Jared and Miranda are trying to understand how a food web can tell us about energy and matter flow between organisms. They don’t know much on the subject and need you to use the following food web, along with the correct scientific terminology and knowledge, to help them complete the following tasks. For example, as illustrated in the diagram, when the wolf dies, its energy and matter are taken up by the worms and fungi when its body decomposes back into the earth. There are four tasks in this self-assessment. You will refer to the food web diagram throughout the assignment. Answer all questions, submit your answers to the Teams dropbox and then compare your responses to the suggested answers in the answer key provided.  You will assess your work, tally marks earned and make corrections where needed.  The corrected file will then be resubmit to the Teams dropbox.  The assignment is not completed until you have done the self check.

Use this file… Webs Trophic and Cycles Ass.docx