Please see the slidedeck – Describing the Ecosystem – Part 1

Task 1: Connecting the Spheres

Identify one natural event and one human caused event.  Complete the following in point form for each of the events:

•Include the image with a brief description – if done on paper just a description will do..

•Identify how the event affects each of the four spheres.

•Describe one sphere to sphere interaction for each event.

Task 2: Sustainability and Biodiversity Summary

•Choose two or more videos or articles to review the concepts of sustainability and biodiversity.

•Summarize the key concepts of sustainability, biodiversity, species diversity and genetic diversity, and biotic and abiotic factors in your jot notes.


Biodiversity highest on Indigenous-managed lands – Article

Biodiversity – Article

What is Biodiversity – Video 1

What is Biodiversity – Video 2