Learninghood (where you are right now!) is a ‘Neighbourhood of Learning’, where we share what we know. This is a site I own, develop and curate.  I will post up daily all PowerPoint slidedecks, videos used in class, assignments and other things needed by you will need to be successful.  If you are confused about what to do at any given time check here first to see if you can find what you need for clarification and if  not then contact me through Teams.

We will also be doing some blogging as we go through this course as a way for you to demonstrate your learning, reflect, and connect with students and experts in the field.  This sub-blog has not been set up yet but I will provide you with the link when it is ready!

I would suggest that you bookmark this in your phone and in your computer browser so you have it at your fingertips!



Ms Faulkner


   (Cutest me ever!)
   ….Totally looks like me in real life