Sila Alangotok: Inuit Observations on Climate Change Slidedeck


Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge Article and Video Questions

Video and Task

Please click here – if you would like to watch the full length documentary – 44mins


  • Elders chose their words carefully and they share their knowledge with intent to teach and enrich the lives of those around them.
  • You need to be attentive and allow the wisdom they have to impart to be done in their own time.
  • Closed captions may help support you to hear all of their words.


During Video – Please use the questions in the document above to frame your thinking as you watch this video.  It is the summary video of a larger documentary.

Post Video

  • You will create a concept map of ideas and interconnections on the following idea…
  • Based on your knowledge of the factors that contribute to climate, how do you think climate change will affect Northern Canada?

  • Connect your ideas and give some explanations as you go.

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