Ocean Circulation and Air Current

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On the Farm

Task: Cause and Effect

Download file to complete – Cause and Effect Worksheet

Now that you have learned about the sources of greenhouse gases and how they work, explore how releasing these can affect one particular region of Canada.

You will evaluate some of the effects of livestock farming in Alberta on glaciers in the Rocky Mountain Range. Please keep in mind that livestock farming is only one of many factors at play here.

Task: Hamburger Impacts

Download the Assignment sheet – Hamburger Impacts – Meme Assignment

Have a look at this infographic showing what it takes to make a typical quarter-pound hamburger.

After exploring the impact of a single hamburger, it is important to note that beef and dairy products do provide some necessary nutrients in many people’s diets. But some people choose not to consume these products at all and instead get their nutrition through other foods or supplements.

Since there is a significant environmental impact which comes along with raising and tending the cattle which produce beef and dairy products, you may wish to analyze and revise your own eating habits in a way that could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.