Part Two: Vaccines and Returning to ‘Normal’

“Once the pandemic is over.”  That’s the caveat when making plans with friends, family and pretty much anyone else these days. 

Videos on Vaccines…

Watch through and take some breif jot notes (use the focus question to get the most out of the video)

Ameoba Sisters: Antibiotics, Antivirals and Vaccines – (8 mins)

Define the difference between antibiotics, antivirals and vaccines.  How do they work.

Vaccines 101: How vaccines work – (5 mins)

What are the different types of vaccines?  How are they different?

 Part One: 200 Years of Vaccine Skepticism (10 mins)

What are your thoughts about vaccines at this point?

‘Returning to Normal’…

Please watch the two videos about the avaiability of Co-vid 19 vaccines for children 12+ in  Ontario and how the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines work. 

Watch the videos, read through the article, take some jot notes if you need to.  This section is a personal reflection… what does this mean to you ‘back to normal’?  What is needed for you to feel back to normal?  Do you actively engage and go and get the vaccine now that you can?  Do you promote its uptake in others who are skeptical – and how do you sway them?  Remember to use points from the research above in part one as well as information in part two to back your thoughts up.