Task 1: Cornell Note: Mitosis

Please view the video above on how to take Cornell notes.  This is a very valueable tool to develop as it will help you take good notes, widdle them down to the very key points (which can be used to study from) and develop you ability to write summaries.  Use this technique on the Amoeba Sisters: Mitosis video.  The first part of the video might look like this for a cornell note…

Task 2: Cell Division Gizmo

Complete the interactive and use the worksheet provided.  If you need to write answers by hand and submit pictures of your work.  complete the final multiple choice questions after it is complete.

How to Get to the Gizmo

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When My Work is Finished...

All work that is to be turned in digitally will be done through our Teams site.  Login into Teams using the link provided.
Please submit in .doc, .docx, .pdf etc.  Apple extensions need to be converted into Microsoft compliant forms.