2D – First Day – Q4

Inference Video

Elemental Inference Jigsaw

  • Is there a difference between inference, assumption and conclusion?
  • Do you know what each of those distinctly mean?
  • How about the types of inference… Induction, deduction and abduction

Step One… Article

  • Take your inference article.
  • Do a quick read through before you look at the questions.
  • Reread your article and complete the questions. 

Step Two… Group Meeting

  • Meet in your group – there will be one person per article.
  • Share your inferences that you made about your element.
  • Take some notes about others inferences. Fill in the chart.

Step Three… Personal Reflection

  • Take a moment to reflect on the idea of making inferences in science (and in general)
  • When might their be benefits to do so?
  • When might making inferences be detrimental (not-beneficial).
  • Hand in your reflection in the Teams dropbox.