Cell Organelle Tasks

  • Work thorough the ‘Cells Alive’interactive plant and animal cells.  
  • Complete the Cells and Their Organellesfill in the blank worksheet.
  • Label the diagrams of the plant and animal cell – either digitally or physically.
  • After play the Cell Organelle Memory Game. Take a screen capture when you have won and submit this to Teams.
  • Go to ‘The Incredible MegaCell– it is a comic book and a organelle GAME!!  Now how quickly can you save Professor MegaCell?  Sort his organelles by the jobs that they do and restore them to his body – Do it in time and Prof. MegaCell lives!  ** Class record is 13s !! Take a screen capture of this when you have saved Professor MegaCell and submit to Teams.

Worksheets and Resources

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When My Work is Finished...

All work that is to be turned in digitally will be done through our Teams site.  Login into Teams using the link provided.
Please submit in .doc, .docx, .pdf etc.  Apple extensions need to be converted into Microsoft compliant forms.