Community Climate Change Photo Essay

How Does Climate Change Affect Your Community?

Your main task in this Activity is to go on a local scavenger hunt to collect pictures for a personal photo essay. The purpose of this is to portray how climate change is currently affecting your community and to speculate on how it may affect your community in the future. 

As a helpful starting point, research local initiatives for climate change. There may already be measures in place to support our provincial Action Plan (use this as a resource to gain more understanding of Ontario’s plan) As part of your investigation, review your community website or call your mayor’s office. 

As you collect your photographs, consider the following questions to help you determine how your community is preparing for or reacting to climate change:

  • Is there evidence of local extreme weather events (e.g., trees blown over in wind storms or flooding)?
  • Is there evidence of sustainable transportation systems (e.g., bike lanes and pedestrian areas)?
  • Is there evidence of green areas (e.g., trees to provide shade or carbon sinks)?
  • Is there evidence of energy conservation?

Your photo essay will consist of a slide show telling a story using photographs, with some concise text captions explaining the context (or background) of each.  

Your captions should provide a brief description of the photo and what it reveals about climate change. Include its location, too. Avoid using personal opinion.

Your story should also include ways in which your community is prepared for or responsive to climate change, as well as ways in which it needs to improve for the future. 

Your photo essay must have:

  1. at least six photographs in a variety of locations using different perspectives (e.g., close up, wide shot, panoramic, etc.);
  2. a clear caption explaining each photograph (one or two sentences per caption is enough);
  3. one slide which draws conclusions about the effect of climate change on your community.  

You must submit your digital photo essay to the dropbox in Microsoft Teams or to Ms Faulkner’s email (

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All work that is to be turned in digitally will be done through our Teams site.  Login into Teams using the link provided.
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