Please watch the videos below and use the Cornell notetaking method.  You may make one overall note or four smaller notes.

After the four videos you can then watch the two videos and reflect on them.

Review of New Ideas


  1. Watch commercial to 23and Me’s commercial.  Write your emotional response to it.  Would it be cool to be able to this, should you be able to do this?
  2. Watch ’23 and Me – 1 year follow up’.  What good points does she make about this type of testing.  Is she a ‘happy customer’ when it comes to the results.  Did she find anyone in her ‘family tree’?
  3. Now this video is from over 10 years ago… have they gotten better (Genetic testing from 23 and Me and Ancerstory DNA… Explain.


When My Work is Finished...

All work that is to be turned in digitally will be done through our Teams site.  Login into Teams using the link provided.
Please submit in .doc, .docx, .pdf etc.  Apple extensions need to be converted into Microsoft compliant forms.