Part One: Zoonotics and Covid-19

Please read through the articles and respond to the questions below.  Know that you may need to do some research on your own.  Keep track of those references so that you can hand in those as well.  There will be a submission box in Teams.


  1. What is zoonosis?
  2. Why are zoonotics on the rise?
  3. What are zoonosis pandemics?  Give a known timeline of the pandemics to date – outline when, where and the virus it dealt with.  Pay attention to the host animal and the cross over and how it affected the human body.

Viral Structure

  1.  What structures can be found on the Covid-19 virus – Detail things we know about it.
  2. How does the structure of the capsid make it difficult for our body to fight?
  3. How does the virus get into a human cell?  How can this be exploited?
  4. What is the virus’ kryptonite?  Explain how it works.

Thinking of Next Steps

  1. How much do we know about this virus?
  2. Who holds the key to understanding the nature of COVID-19 and how it crossed to a human host?
  3. Why don’t we have a vaccine for SARS-CoV1 yet?
  4. At the end of the video the Doctor is speaking of Korean people and their lifestyle.  Do they sound like Canadians?  In comparison what might this mean for us?