Videos and Interactives from the slide deck…

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This is a screen capture of the animation.

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Potential words to mind-map – some from interactives not in the slide deck!

tagging radioisotope semi-conservative
nucleotide polymerase helicase
primase topoisomerase ribosome
spliceosome exon intron
A-site P-site E-site
primer Okazaki fragment codon
anticodon transformation replication
transcription translation  

Task One: Telomeres

  • Search for a change in telomerase activity related to aging or a disease.
  • Describe how the length of telomeres is changed.
  • How does the change in telomerase activity relate¬†to a symptom of the disorder or aging.

Task Two: Human Gene

Choose an important gene to human cells.

There are over 20,000 genes in our genome so to help you narrow it down you can think of an enzyme or protein we have studied earlier in the course.

You will need to find and describe each of the following details:

  • on which chromosome the gene is located,
  • how the chromosome is opened up to allow for replication or translation,
  • how DNA is replicated,
  • how a gene is transcribed,
  • how a gene is translated,
  • what modifications the protein undergoes after translation,
  • how the gene product is used in the cell.