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Chemistry Assignment for the unit…

Meet an Element – Personal Ad – (word version)

In this assignment you will research an element, and create a personal ad about that element, combining text and images. It will fun and explain what your element is looking for in a love connection!! 

Element must be from element 21 – 112 (NOT one in the first 20 elements)

Register your element here (only one person can do each element) –

Under 200 words:  

Example: Fluorine (F); atomic number = 9

Personal ad: Single fluorine atom seeking another kind atom willing to donate one electron to add stability to my life. I currently have seven electrons in my outer shell and am willing to form an ionic bond with any atom who answers this ad.

Research Starter: Short Videos on all the Elements:


Naming Worksheet Task

Please do the following worksheet (word version) and submit your work to Teams.  Check your work with the answer key provided.