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Here is the polyatomic quick reference sheet – this is to pair with your Periodic Table!!

Please complete this Making Compounds worksheet (word verion) Put your answers into the submission box in Teams and check your answers with the key provided!!

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Making Compounds

Words to Formula

Please complete the following questions and submit your answers to the Teams submission box.
Check your work with the key provided.

  1. Write the formulas for the following;
  2. Beryllium fluoride
  3. Calcium sulphide
  4. Gallium nitride
  5. Aluminum bromide
  6. Strontium nitrate
  7. Lithium carbonate
  8. Calcium sulphate
  9. Dinitrogen trioxide

Correct any formulas that are incorrect then name all compounds.

(Hint look at the elements in the compound, figure out the formula for yourself and then look at the formula given!!)

  1. LiO
  2. MgO
  3. K2S
  4. AlBr2
  5. KN3

Make formulas form the following element pairs

  1. Sodium and Arsenic
  2. Carbon and Iodine
  3. Boron and Selenium
  4. Rubidium and Sulphur